Monday, February 7, 2011

Bringing Home a Really Large Cat Like a Maine Coon

Love cats? The bigger the better? Then you might want to think about bringing home a Maine Coon cat the next time you decide to add to your pet family. These “gentle giants” make ideal house pets in spite of their size. Not only are they just about the largest domesticated cat, but they are playful, affectionate, and very intelligent. People who visit me are astounded at the size of mine when she is in the room with the other “regular” cats.

Compared to the type of cat you normally

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Cat Problems Resolved Blog

To me, this photo show just how beautiful cats really are.
Cats are wonderful creatures and bring much joy to their owners – from small children to the elderly living on their own. They quickly become part of our family, in fact they think they own us! However, there are times when they have a problem that can’t be resolved immediately, when we, as responsible owners, need some advice. It can be anything from finding out why your cat is continually scratching at his or her ears, why

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